Quality Products
In Euro Arcade, sourcing for potential and quality products holds absolute precedence in our list. We uphold the significance of maintaining quality products for our clients and suppliers globally.

Being an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization contributes significant assurance to our clients on our ability to consistently supply products that meet our customer and regulatory requirements. ISO 9001 certification has played a remarkable role in establishing and maintaining our business processes and premises, with relevant documentations in place. All our employees are well trained and qualified to carry out their respective roles. As a result of this, we are able to improve significantly on business efficiency, quality of products, customer and supplier relationship, and many more.

As part of our initiative to further enhance on our quality, Euro Arcade is continuously striving to source for Halal-certified products, which has opened the gateway to penetrate into Muslims market globally. Apart from that, we are able to cater for the increasing demand of non-Muslim market due to their acceptance of Halal-certified food.

Excellent Service
We are dedicated to provide an excellent marketing service to our suppliers and customers. Coupled with our Management team who acquires years of experiences in import and export business, we are able to usher our business to a whole new level.
Euro Arcade Limited, together with our team of trusted partners located in various parts of the world, are fully dedicated and committed to the vision and long-term goals of the organization, which is to have exclusive rights from major manufacturers to supply globally.
We are constantly sourcing for new high-grade products with competitive pricing to meet the demands of various global markets. Our dedicated and experienced Sales & Marketing team has been continuously meeting up to brainstorm and discuss on some great and innovative ideas ie. value-added services, logistics & planning, and business expansion.
To promote reliability in our business, Euro Arcade has implemented several initiatives, which include the appointment of qualified experts to assist in business continuity and expansion. In order to promote and distribute new high-graded products, Euro Arcade works alongside with trusted suppliers as well as engagement of qualified outsourced ISO-certification body. Euro Arcade has also appointed an external party, to design, develop and maintain the entire IT infrastructure and web platform.
To us, every individual is of equal importance and should be treated with equal values and rights. This aspect has helped in fostering an open and positive work environment for our employees to work in. Being an experienced player in the market, Euro Arcade acknowledges and has always adheres to a strict ethic and business code of conduct. As we continue to uphold integrity in our business, we are able to develop positive relationships with our suppliers and major clients all over the world.